Saturday Images on Glass – results with decals

A little update following the firing from Images on Glass Saturday course.   Below are the pieces as they came out of the kiln…. now what to do with them?

Mum and Dad firedMum and Dad Fired 2

I cut up some strips of black glass and carefully fitted them around the pictures of Mum and Dad.  There were some very small gaps where the glass didn’t have perfect edges.

Mum and Dad together

I then carefully placed them into the kiln with a piece of 3mm clear glass over the top and fired it once more.

There’s the result.  There’s bubbles in it but this was to be expected with small gaps and a sheet of glass on the top (I quite like them!) but disappointingly the decals have slightly shrunk with the top sheet too giving them Mum and Dad a few more wrinkles than they’d like to have.

IMG_0284I’m quite pleased with it just the way it is however as I have 4 more printed images I’m going to try it again, perhaps this time with the sheet of glass below the images.  I’ll keep you posted.

Here it is on my fireplace.  The images are much stronger at night interestingly as if Mum and Dad are ready for a large G&T and a hand or two of Canasta!


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