Reference Info

Phyllodes (Information & Reference)

Rare Cancer Alliance – Information pages on Phyllodes

Breast Cancer Care UK – Links to pages relating to Phyllodes

European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990) 2006;42(16):2715-21 – An informative page

Wikipedia – Phyllodes pages

Recurring Phyllodes Tumors Have Poor Prognosis, Study Shows: Presented at ASBD

Cystosarcoma Phyllodes

BC Pals – Breast cancer pals – Links to page explaining Phyllodes.

Breast Pathology Information – Phyllodes pages

WHO Guide to Breast Tumours Oct 2011 – with a section on Phyllodes

A Study of Partial Breast Radiation Therapy after Lumpectomy for Malignant Phyllodes Tumors of the Breast – Richard Barth – There are also links to the 2009 Barth report.

Differentiation of Phyllodes tumors versus Fibroademonas 

Link to a number of Phyllodes research and published documents SpringerLink – Phyllodes

Phyllodes tumours of the breast–differentiating features in core needle biopsy 

Phyllodes Breast Cancer – A Rare and Obscure Form of Breast Cancer – Breast Cancer Information

Quantification of the Morphologic Features of Fibroepithelial Tumors of the BreastCancer sites (inc Breast & Soft Tissue Sarcoma) (Information & Reference) – Abstract relating to classification of phyllodes

Rare Cancer Alliance – A wonderful source of information via online forums.

The Scar Project – The project is truly inspirational.

BC Pals – Breast cancer pals – another useful source of information via online forums.

Cancer Counselling Trust – fantastic section on what next… and useful links

Community Cancer Centre – info pages

Free prescriptions – UK

Rarer Cancer Forum  – UK

Association of Cancer Online Resources

The Cancer Advice Site

Sarcoma Alliance

Newly Diagnosed?

Having Fun After Cancer – Verite Reily Collins’ informative and useful site relating to all things cancer

Inflammatory Breast Cancer book by Verite Reily Collins

Follow up guidlines for soft tissue sarcoma

Cancer Research have summarised the UK follow up guidelines here

You should all know….

How to check your breasts for lumps

Trials for Phyllodes

Explanation what’s involved in clinical trials

Rare Cancer Alliance – Links to US resources for clinical trials

UK Trial running until 2010 – could you help?

US Trial – Partial radiation effectiveness on phyllodes – Richard Barth

National Cancer Research Network – Information on trials in the UK

23andMe Sarcoma Community – A patient-Driven Revolution in Sarcoma Research

International Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer (US – 2010)

Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer – 26-28 February 2010, Atlanta US

Young Survival Coalition

Your New Normal Workshop (listen to me!)

Survivors’ stories/blogs

Natasha Polak’s story

Trish Georges’ story

Channel 4’s How to Look Good Naked – Episode about Kelly following her mastectomy

Wendy’s Blog

Rare Cancer Alliance Stories

Alright Tit – Lisa Lynch’s story and links to her book (I laughed and cried on most pages – sometimes at the same time!)

Bah to cancer – Breast cancer had a pop at Stephanie.  It really wishes it hadn’t.

Phyllodes Facebook Support Group

If you have a Facebook account, there are a couple of groups set up by Phyllodes survivors and joined by more of us.  Through these groups we are able to answer questions, provide support and share information.  Search for “Phyllodes Support Group”

What to wear and where to buy in the UK

Annette Designs – Surgery, post-surgery and radiation therapy

Bouncing Back – Post-surgery

Lingerie Illusions – Mastectomy lingerie and swimwear

Eloise – Lingerie, swimwear and tops (smaller sizes)

Nicola Jane – Post-surgery items following breast cancer (smaller sizes)

Rigby & Peller – Lingerie boutique and all the assistants are trained for fittings for post-surgeries ladies… and they offer some gorgeous lingerie as well a made-specially-for-you offering!

Support lines for survivors

Your Shoes Support Center US – When you need to talk to someone who’s been through it or your partner/family/friends aren’t awake, call these wonderful people for support.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer US – A wonderful source of support and inspiration for getting beyond breast cancer.  There’s lots of emotional issues we don’t imagine we’ll run into and this site understands – register for their newsletters too, they appear just when you need them!

Young Survival Coalition US – A very active forum to talk about your experiences.. full of very supportive members.

Imerman Angels US – Amazing support network… if you’re in the US and want support, call them…

Breast Cancer Care UK – Great online forums and links to events and resources in the UK.

Macmillan UK – Links to events, support groups, information and online forum.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer – UK


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