Op No. 2

Nigel collected me at 6.15am following a sleepless night and delivered me to the hospital in good time by 7am.  He didn’t however leave me at the main entrance this time, insisting that he stay with me for as long as possible – so I didn’t escape out of the back door or locate the fire escape!  Everything seemed so quick, visits from anaethesist, consultant, trainee doctors etc etc and before long I’m in the operating theatre having the canula inserted.  As per, I didn’t even get to count to 1 before I’m being woken up in the recovery room and back on the ward for elevenses.  Although I didn’t know what they had done, I did have a drain which meant that I knew there was a cavity – a tube is attached to ensure that blood and fluid that might build up in the cavity is drained away.  Ironically when I was for Op 1, I had been very smug about the fact that I hadn’t had a drain – serves me right this time round!

I managed to get a few hours sleep during the day which I was so very grateful as I had an incredibly uncomfortable night.  My drain was pulling on my wound and didn’t feel right at all, I had sharp pains in both breasts throughout the night and to add insult to injury ended up having an ultrasound at 1am as my tummy was bloated and a catheter finally being successfully inserted at 3am.  Not a great night and made slightly more anxious about whether I was going to be discharged tomorrow or need to spend a further night in hospital.

We were however in a prime spot for the fireworks and yours truly had a window-side bed, so a perfect view over London for Guy Fawkes night – at least a little compensation.

I truly hope this is the end of it and I don’t have to go through another operation… let’s hope the removed tissue shows clear margins.

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