Now… relax

After an anxious morning on the ward waiting for the endless visits from anaesthetics, consultants, nurses, breast cancer care team, physiotherapists and generally anyone else in the medical teams… or so it felt, I finally got discharged into Millie’s care by 1pm.

My first task when I got home was a quick wallow in a shallow bath to wash away the hospital.  A little shockingly I caught a glimpse of my reshaped self in the mirror.  Now I understand why the breast care nurse talked about the possibility of an operation in 3-6 months when ‘things have settled down’ to ‘even things up’.  Don’t misunderstand, I’m incredibly grateful that I still have a breast but was still a little shocked – I’m not sure any amount of mental preparation really works..

Next appointment on Wednesday 11/11/09 which I’m hopeful will confirm that we have clear margins and there’s no need for further removal.  In addition, future treatment/tests to discuss and schedule in.  I’m hoping (although it sounds weird to say ‘hoping’) that I can have radiotherapy and a lung scan.  Radiotherapy, it appears from the little clinical information available, may reduce the risk of reoccurence – which even if it reduces it by 1% has got to be worth it.

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