Fed up

I’ve been so hugely positive about Op No. 2 and felt great afterwards.  All the shooting pains have gone away which makes me believe that they managed to remove the tumour and all the tentacle things.  The infection is really red, angy and sore and although it doesn’t appear to have spread further is making me feel really ill.  I’m waiting on instruction from my nurse as to what to do – presume antibiotics but hoping that just because the infection is from an op in hospital, I won’t need them via IV in hospital.  It’s a nice place and all that but I really really don’t want to spend any more nights there!  Feeling down and miz today.

Nurse advised referral to local GP asap.  The lovely Millie took me to her GP and after GP inspection which went ‘Wow, that’s hot…’ (a phrase that I like when people inspect my boob) but then went on to add ‘… – you need antibiotics’ (not a phrase I like to hear!), I am now the proud owner of some very fetching blue capsules – whoohoo I didn’t have blue in my arsenal of daily drugs!  You’ll be pleased to know that this GP had never heard of a malignant phyllodes tumour either!  We, my phyllodes sisters, are quite a special bunch of ladies!

Am truly not in a good place today, feel low, ouchy and generally pissed off that when I really thought that I was doing so well I just have to get an infection.  Still tomorrow’s another day – see/speak/blog you then.

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