Soooo tired

My younger brother and his daughter stayed over last night before returning to Glasgow today,  I was able to have a lie-in this morning and then spend a few hours colouring in picturebooks and painting (in random colours) Iola’s fingernails and toenails.  All such normal and everyday things.  After dropping them at the station at lunchtime I nipped (or that’s what I would previously have done) into the supermarket to pick up a few groceries.  I am constantly surprised at how tired I get and was reminded of this in about aisle 6 when I felt sick with tiredness wanting to curl up and have a nap… not terribly practical!
It’s lovely being back home, but aware that the simplest of tasks sometimes feels like a little mountain to climb!  I am however aware that I’ve got to take each day as it comes and start doing a little bit more every day.  I wonder if this fatigue is from having two general anaesthetics so close together… or two surgeries… or maybe both… or maybe constantly wondering and worrying about what’s going to happen next!?
Tomorrow’s another milestone in my diary and I can’t help but wonder what they will decide at the group meeting in hospital and indeed what they will tell me – only one sleep to go..

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