Happy Birthday Millie!

I had an uncomfortable night’s sleep last night and a little pain.  Not sure why but perhaps that I went for a short 40 minute walk with a friend yesterday which just exhausted me.  I will however keep doing that to try to get my fitness levels back and which hopefully also help with my lack of energy.
Now back to next steps… I think I may have stalker tendancies!!  I left voicemail messages for my consultant in a number of different places and also called my Macmillan nurse’s number and left a voicemail message there.  But it worked, my nurse called me back this afternoon (whoop whoop, she’s back from sickleave) and confirmed that there did seem to have been some confusion about what’s going to happen next.  I am being referred for radiationtherapy.  As you will know if you’ve read my story so far, it’s 50:50 as to if radiationtherapy will reduce recurrence so the final decision will be with my radiationtherapist but I’m grateful for the chance to speak with them and give them copies of the medical papers that I’ve found about Phyllodes Tumours and radiation therapy.
She also settled my mind about the follow up appointments in the next two years and confirmed that I would be seen by my consultant every six months in the next two years.  My next appointment is in two months time to discuss any concerns following this latest two surgeries.  But that I would only receive an annual mammogram and if any other tests are required in the interim then they would weigh up the radiation risks associated with mammogram -v- ultrasound or MRI.
She is also posting a copy of the histology report from the second surgery for my records (and for future reference, should this be required).
I feel soooo much better having had a conversation with my nurse and assured that they are looking after me and considered not only the DCIS and the phyllodes tumour – I will sleep well tonight.

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