c’mon, smile..

Today I wanted to thank you for your encouraging words and messages, all of which I have appreciated, treasured and sometimes made me shed a tear but mostly made me feel loved and given me a boost to fight harder.  I also wanted to say how I’ve been constantly surprised that my journey has been interpreted in a way that drives such messages to be sent.  I don’t believe that I’m any stronger, braver, courageous or inspirational than any one of you already is or could be.  Perhaps its just more intensely highlighted because of my circumstances, or simply that I have finally understood, and lived, the well used phrase ‘Fight or Flight?’
I would challenge any one of you reading this not to gain even a little sense of oomphf from my journey.  I would also hope that each of you will fight a little harder for things that matter, fight a little less for those things that really don’t matter, dwell only on the positive and, the most important rule of all in the World of AnnaGoAnna, is to smile and spread a little sunshine in your every day.
Thank you for your support.

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