Chilling with H

There’s been more of the pulling/pinching pains today and I’m not sure why as I’ve done very little and been careful not to push myself so am more than grateful for the expert company.  I can’t wait for this weekend and am grateful for company but with no obligation to be awake, chat, do more than drink tea and be pampered and looked after.  One of my bestest friends is coming to stay, H whose birthday is one week before mine offered to come and look after me in our usual Corfu sort of a way.  H managed to arrange for her in-laws to look after her two small children for the weekend (I love them dearly but they’re very fond of not sleeping and of jumping on Auntie Anna, so best they’re not here!).  H and I spent a 10 day holiday many years ago where we sat on the balcony drinking tea, sleeping/napping at every occasion during the day, beside the pool or escaping the heat and taking to bed, had early dinners and early nights (following a cuppa on the balcony) for the entire 10 days.  It was only on the last day when we saw our ‘retired’ neighbours on their balcony and they commented that we were obviously living it up because they never heard us.. little did they know, but we were the ones getting early nights!!
Oooh and tomorrow we have some pampering booked… facial and massage each, probably followed by a cuppa and an early night!   I can’t wait… and of course, having a Doctor in the house must surely mean I’m in good hands!

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