Happy Birthday Jack & me

Those of you who know me well, know that I just love birthdays and Christmas and actually any celebration that provides me with opportunity to source and give nutty presents and to generally just be silly!. Althougth, I’m more comfortable quite forgetting my birthday and celebrate much harder for others – the joy really is in the giving! Mum was just the same and, probably, why I love it so much. Last year as Mum was so ill, I had the joy of shopping for both us – I remember sitting on the end of her bed and arguing over who was going to be giver of a couple of items that we both loved and we both knew would cause mischief and a giggle!!

Mum would give presents with notes on them such as ‘something to share with the children’ or ‘use only in your wokrplace’, or ‘useful for those really boring meetings’ etc and they’d be random, stick on tattoos or an office desk gadget, a wind-up pair of teeth, or a whistle that sounds like a steam train or a whoopee cushion etc. My first thoughts as I was woken up at ‘silly o’clock’ this morning by the usual nagging pain in my boob, ‘was what will Mum have found this year’, but she won’t, not ever again.

I guess though it’s the full circle of life thing and I am so very very grateful for my wonderful friends and family. I’ve received such wonderful messages, emails, texts and calls from all around the world today – THANK YOU.

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