Definitely a PJ day today.  Miserable weather outside and the pinching pain is much worse – perhaps I did too much yesterday.  I’ve also noticed that there’s a bump where the lumps were removed – hopefully just the tissue/cavity healing/reshuffling.  I’m hoping this lump isn’t related to the pain.
I was surprised last night that some of my colleagues didn’t say ‘hi’ to me as they’ve not seen me for quite some time.  The company is quite small and I would have thought that they’d have missed me and hoped that they’d have asked where I was – maybe I think too much of myself but am a little disappointed that some didn’t make any effort.  Perhaps naively I’d figured that putting my journey on the world wide web would mean that the url would be distributed if anyone asked how/where I was.  I’d also hoped that by doing this www I would avoid the ‘have you been on holiday’ questions!  I think I shall start creating an itinery and a photo album so that I can pretend I have been away!  Hmmm South America??

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