Happy Birthday DaveyRaveyGravy and Diane

It’s funny but Mum’s house really is just a house made of bricks and mortar.  It’s like the soul has gone and Mum is no longer there.  Today my big brother and I managed to clear a lot of the house – why was Mum such a hoarder?  The war and rationing ended years ago!!!    But she would say ‘you never know when you might need those eleventeen plastic tubs’!
I also oversaw my removals company taking the items that I can’t bear to be without, such as the baby grand piano that I learnt to play as a child and the four poster bed that I had sleepovers in – I was such a princess!  Sadly though I don’t have anywhere to put these lovely items so they’ve gone off to storage until I find somewhere to live that can fit them in!  Hahaha like that’s going to make me grow up!
Medical stuff – well apart from now feeling totally broken and uber exhausted, I have nothing to report… nearly!  I received the copy of my referral letter to the radiation team and had to have a little chuckle at the final paragraph “I look forward to your urgent assessment – she is very well informed.”   Read what you will in to that, I’m reading “she’s educated and is able to research and read”!!  

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