Yesterday afternoon there was jointly a little knock and a huge hammering on my front door. Upon opening the door I was greeted by my niece and nephew (of course), closely followed by my brother on the snowy pathway. They had forged their way ‘easily’ in their 4×4 with the sole intention of abducting me for 24 hours.

After a few challenges on the Wii by my 7 year old nephew (how do small children know how to work these things and navigate games I’d not yet discovered?), we drove off in convoy down the farm track. I’m grateful not to have been doing that drive on my own as I appeared to push the deep snow out of the way with my bumper and I’m quite sure the underneath of the car is now much cleaner for the scratching! Once out of the farm, I slipped and slid until reaching the main roads and was grateful to note these were much clearer. A lovely family time for 24 hours – cuddles from my niece and nephew, building lego, sledging, eating delicious meals and generally being looked after, not to mention injecting a little bit of Auntie Anna naughtiness!

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