I recently bought a new Apple iMac as I’d heard everyone saying how wonderful they were, reliable, easy to use, better for graphics, website and design etc – something I figured I’d be doing more of for the event. And another ‘good point’ Apple customer service are excellent! So I invested. It arrived. I set it up. Within a couple of days I got fed up with the keyboard randomly typing kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk or just shutting down. Apple said it’s faulty and are going to swap it out. 😉 I couldn’t take it into the store to swap as I’d bought it online. I hadn’t set everything up yet (including the backup) – due to the difficulties when keyboard types random letters. Thought I’d do that when new keyboard was here. Noticed that email had downloaded to Mac and deleted original messages from hotmail account – haha read small note about ‘unchecking’ a box on set up. Thought I’d sort when new keyboard arrived. BUT DIDN’T account on entire Mac dying yesterday! Apple have agreed it’s faulty and are going to swap it out. BUT my email however may be irretrievable and if I were to ask Apple to attempt retrieval they a) can’t guarantee it would work and b) would only be giving me a fixed iMac not a new one in replacement! Mac-friendly friend coming over tihs weekend to attempt recovery view their lappy. Now let’s recap – “reliable, easy to use” “excellent customer service”. I’ve now got past angry and now upset and worried that all my hard work at contacting people for the conference via email is now gone… Apple didn’t seem concerned that I’d be using their computer for anything more than surfing the net… so far not a great loving feeling for Apple!

Oh and me – boob very ouchy and bruised today. But hahaha, realised that if they do many more biopsies I’m not going to have a booby left. Thank heavens for my silicone inserts – I’ll just have to get bigger ones! GoAnna Proverb – Many biopsy = mastectomy!

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