New office antics?

Ok so after a sleepless night at Millies we’ve shopped, wandered, occupied and generally taken my mind off it (although I did beat the kids at Scrabble!)… then the appointment at the hospital loomed. Quickly taken through to the scanning area to discover that I was the only person being scanned this afternoon – a bit eerie as usually its packed with nervous women in strange hospital gowns. Did wonder if it was a ruse and another radiographer joke! I had been dreading the mammogram and threatened the mammographer with a bop on the nose if it hurt – that told her who was boss!

Actually didn’t hurt that much – or perhaps just not as bad as before – but half way through I decided that the mammography equipment was a modern day alternative to the photocopier at the office party. Instead of copying bottoms at the Christmas party, you can have a picture of a boob! And yes I did ask the mammographer where I could get a glass of lambrusco or a rum punch!

Next the biopsy… Ultrasound to find the area, anaesthetic injected (ouchy) and then the biopsy gun. The third ‘shot’ hurt but probably because it was deeper and beyond the anaesthetic but they now have three slices of me and many mammogram photos to examine and test. Fingers crossed will just be some scar tissue which was obscured by the seroma (fluid).

Right now, am feeling fine… anaesthetic with wine – hurrah! Results next Wednesday.

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