New Covent Garden Market

I’ve lived in London for years and there’s still so much that I’ve not done or seen.  Sad that usually the only time you ‘do tourist’ in your home town is when you’ve overseas visitors!

This morning though was an exception to the rule.  A very early start saw me driving to Vauxhall with only a small stop to collect Viv and Claudia.

Would definitely recommend an early morning visit to the Market.  Somehow even with the bustle and chatter of the market holders there was a beautiful still in the air which is perfumed by the many many blooms being sold.

A few pictures from our visit:

Absolutely stunning…. and now my flat is filled with beautiful flowers and a gorgeous scent.


I also popped over to the fruit market and acquired a tray of mangos.  Next job is to create tubs of sorbet for eating but also perfect in the odd margarita!

IMG_0496Definitely worth getting up for.

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