Trip to Nice, France

British Airways are at fault again.  They sent me an email suggesting a weekend away in Nice… so I booked it.  Errr did anyone else go?

My decision though was also governed by the fact that there’s an Opera House in Nice that I’ve not visited.. and my ‘List for Living’ suggests I should travel and see Opera.  Rude not to go then.

Literally a couple of days to explore.

NiceBeautiful architecture.

Nice3A lovely market in the Old Town with some peaceful cafes to sit, watch and write.

Nice4A wonderfully central hotel.

Nice2Loved these crazy colour changing budda lights.

NiceElektraStunning Opera House.

A wonderful short break in an amazing City.  Lots of things I love:  Architecture; seafront; sunshine; cafes and bars; markets; delicious food; fantastic bubbles; warm and friendly people and, of course, opera.

I was excited to see a ‘new’ opera.  Elektra by Richard Strauss.  I throroughly enjoyed the musical aspect but the stage and costumes were way too modern for me.  I’m a bit of an old stick in the mud.  I like opera sung in the language it’s written.  I like the stage and costumes to be authentic.  When I closed my eyes, I really loved Elektra.  But watching the modern interpretation clashed with what I was hearing… for me.   Always a great experience to try something new though.

I spent hours loitering in friendly cafes and bars watching the world go by and also plenty of time to write.  Dinner in the company of a delightful Italian gentleman whilst sitting outside in the warm balmy evenings in restaurants in the Old Square.



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