OK so there’s a huge chunk of time missing from this journey… I’ve been busy.. some good, some not so good and I promise to update you on all that soon.

BUT, just thought I’d drop by to tell you that today I received the results of my latest follow up mammogram… Not sure why I was so nervous but to say I hardly slept last night would be an understatement! Today wasn’t helped when I was taken into the ‘bad news room’ – there’s one in every clinic around the world… And sat nervously for what seemed like hours before my consultant came in accompanied by a nurse (also not a good sign as usually they’re there when bad news needs to be broken)… Can’t tell you how relieved I was when my consultant (who is the best in the world) said all was clear. He then took the time to check I was ok, felt ok, wasn’t worried and also queried the pains I constantly have – not bad but niggles and remind me what I’ve been through. Anyhow at the end of our chat he said he’d be happier if I continued on my course of follow up appointments of annual mammograms with 6 month interval of ultrasound checks.

Can’t tell you how ‘looked after’ I feel and how, just knowing that I continue to be monitored takes away any anxiety I may have.

(oh and the nurse was there as she wanted to find out if I’d be happy to be part of a clinical trial looking at genetics and familial history for patients diagnosed with DCIS, which they found when they went in for clear margins following removal of my malignant phyllodes. Of course I’m happy to be in any clinical trial that may help others in the future)

Sooooooo I’ve had a couple of cheeky glasses of champers tonight…. Cos I could! Xxx

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