Dinner party with new friends

Isn’t it wonderful when you meet new people and they become great friends. You’ll remember that I posted about going to Rewind Festival in August (my first music festival at the age of 40ish!). You may also remember that because we got in late to the campsite we searched for a place to put up our tent and finding a suitable area, pitched it as quickly as we could. Only to discover later that we had ‘allegedly’ pitched it on the planned ‘terrace’ of our neighbouring monster tent. Anyway, inevitably we became friends with the tent owners and their lodger – to be honest we were so up close and personal for the weekend, it was inevitable!

Since then they’ve not really let us forget our need to be quite so close to them and we’ve kept in touch.

Tonight the tent owner couple (H&D) hosted a dinner party for the Rewind group. J is over from Asia where he currently now lives and collectively we’ve managed to get a Saturday date in our diaries – a minor miracle.

I volunteered to create the desserts and relished the opportunity to get in the kitchen and cook for others. It’s one thing that I’m always wishing I did more of but also doing so with lots of time to think about what to do, shop for the ingredients and of course cook it all up.

I arrived nice and early (lunchtime as requested!) and we headed down to the pub in the village for a couple of cheeky ones. H & I tucked into a few bubbles – always a favourite but perhaps I shouldn’t have started so early!

My chosen desserts were tarte au citron and iced raspberry soufflés. I also managed to sneak in some mini Florentines with our coffee too.






Fabulous evening and lots of chatter. I really did try to keep it together but couldn’t help myself keep thinking about Jolene and kicking the thought to the back of my mind again – “tits and teeth girl” ie stand up and smile! Kindly J asked how my friend Jolene was. He’d not read of her passing. That knocked me somewhat.

I think I faded a little early or at least I’d faded by the time the dancing started! You know it’s a good dinner party when everyone is up dancing or singing!

I was shattered though. I’ve not been sleeping particularly well. I’ve not been sleeping well since Jolene passed away. Tomorrow I’m also up early to drive to Liverpool for the start of the 2011 NCRI (National Cancer Research Institute) Conference. In all honesty I think I’m going to find this one heavygoing. Not because of the content but just where my head is at. I can’t help but be a little resentful sometimes when I attend cancer conferences and the main tumour type topics are the main 4 and very rarely a rare cancer and certainly never phyllodes. I know it’s irrational but..

The evening for me though ended early when the lack of sleep, alcohol and emotion got a little too much.

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