New and good friends

You may remember that last year I went to Spain on a Walkactive walking holiday for a few days.

This weekend was a long overdue catch up with my holiday roomie, Elizabeth ooop north and another walker, Maria.  I was very good and first attended a WalkFit session in the City before racing across town to meet Maria and the train.  A few hours later we were at our destination and settled outside a tearoom with a pot of tea and cake!  An hour or so later we paused for breath and quickly made it back to Elizabeth’s house where her hubby was waiting  for us with the bubbles already chilled.  Perfect way to spend the rest of the afternoon, chatting some more, drinking bubbles and enjoying some sunshine.

The rest of the weekend was in similar vein with the addition of a Malaysian steamboat dinner on Saturday night and our moving to a restaurant on the canal for Sunday lunch.  (sshhhh we did manage to a long walk along the canal on Sunday morning too but I don’t want you thinking I spend too much time away from bubbles, so shhhh!).

Truly fabulous weekend.  Always great to meet new people who become new and good friends.

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