Danza Contemporanea de Cuba

Our world season of dance continues with a trip to Sadler’s Wells for Danza Contemporanea de Cuba.  Tonight’s show promised an exciting performance set to a Cuban beat, a frisson of suggestive movement to connect the story to the dance and music and an energetic modern finish to the run at Sadler’s Wells.

Certainly the energy was truly visible as the dancers twisted, turned, jumped and were thrown into the air.  The music was there but somehow missing the crescendo entirely and the show ended with more of a fizz than a bang… you could tell by the delay in the audience applaud whilst we worked out whether it was indeed over!

The evening’s show was split into three parts, each part with their own style and interpretation.  I can’t confess to understanding the storyline of each or perhaps there wasn’t one.  Why were they all wearing boxing gloves for one part?  But how could they do the jumps and catches to cleverly whilst wearing them?  At times I wondered if I’d wandered into a gymnasium rather than the esteemed Sadler’s Wells theatre.

I think I would summarise the show by saying it was ‘interesting’.  There were parts that left us wanting more and there were parts that left us simply, wanting.

Telegraph review – 8 June 2012
Guardian review – 1 June 2012

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