Flow Rate Clinic

I returned today to visit the Flow Rate clinic at St Helier Hospital.  Oh what joy this has all become and I hope you can each understand how these endless appointments seem to be weighing me down.  The good thing though is that I’m no longer embarrassed in anyway about talking about symptoms or tests… is that a good thing?  I’m not sure actually.  I think the English reserve is still there but I’m just so tired of it all, it seems the ‘normal’ thing now.

Anyway I digress.  The point of this appointment was so that I could pee and from the rate at which I pee, they determine whether the damage caused by the nurse in 2009 is still causing me problems and presumably, what they can do to fix them.  I dutifully drank glasses and glasses of water before my appointment and turned up with a full bladder (imagine a big night out drinking and not being able to find a toilet or getting to the loos to discover a long long queue and only one cubicle working!).  Fortunately and very kindly, the nurses had let me bring my appointment forward and be seen at the end of their lunch break so that I had plenty of time to get into town and onto my train to Birmingham for the Cancer Outcomes Conference, so I didn’t need to wait that long!

I then (in the privacy of a special toilet facility) pee’d into a pot!  Left the toilet area and the nurses scanned my bladder.  The nurse then looked at a computer printout which apparently is a record of my pee’ing!  I then left with an envelope to take to my next appointment at the hospital in July.

The oddest thing though… for once I really felt like I’d had a good pee!  And no blood, so perhaps the last round of antibiotics have worked… I truly hope so and, for once, am looking forward to seeing the urology team with, hopefully good news and no surgery or interventions required.  We’ll see.

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