I Want 2 Sing

What would you say if I told you that one thing I’ve always wanted to do was sing?  I don’t just mean at home with a hairbrush.  And I mean sing in tune and in a way that someone else might want to listen.

In addition, I made a promise to someone that I’d sing something bluesy for his 40th birthday.  OK so he’s a few years past 40 now but perhaps I can surprise him for his 50th?

It’s on my bucket list.  My ‘living bucket list’.  I’d better make it happen.

OMG I just put that in ink, didn’t I?

Anyway I contacted a singing coach and tonight’s entertainment was a showcase opportunity for some of her students to perform.  I watched in awe of the people who got on stage.  I also felt sick that I’ve set myself this challenge.

There’s a video from tonight’s show which demonstrates the different ages, different singing styles and different levels of confidence – do take a minute to see the show (particularly the young girl at 0:56 and the 13 year old at 2:00 who were both awesome).

As for me, watch this space.  Eeeek

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