Champagne & Fromage (AKA French Bubbles)

I mentioned a new fave place in London, Champagne & Fromage, in my posting “When colleagues become friends” but what I’ve neglected to tell you is that the 6 degrees of separation rule applies here too.  Although with the advent of Twitter and Facebook, I’m convinced that it really is about 4 degrees of separation.

Anyway, I tweeted about my visit to Champagne & Fromage on twitter and was quickly replied to by Abi at Media Wisdom to say that they were working with French Bubbles (the company who owns Champagne & Fromage) for their photographic portfolio.  Giles and Abi took some headshot photos of me for use with the Living Beyond Diagnosis website, press releases and other media.  If you need pictures of yourself, your business, products etc etc, give Abi and Giles a call at Media Wisdom.

Yesterday however I spotted a tweet from Abi mentioning that they were shooting some pics for a champagne and cheese client… well there could only be one, surely!  So I replied quickly to ask if it was in fact to one my new fave place and also how envious I was – most cheeky but it’s true!  Anyway this evening I received a message from Abi:

“@mediawisdom We certainly were at your favourite place, and a little something for you…

Awww isn’t that just gorgeous???  You just have to visit Champagne & Fromage.  Maybe I’ll see you there?

Ooooh but another exciting piece of news about my fave place is that the photos that were being taken was for a new service.

“@Frenchbubbles Photo shooting for our new business: chilled #champagne + Fromage delivered in 1hr max in all London with scooters!!

I’m sure many of you in London could think of someone who deserves a treat like this… yes??

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