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I could blame my weight gain on having cancer.  I could blame it on not feeling well or lack of energy or fatigue or lots of other stuff.  BUT if I’m honest I know it’s because I’ve got a lazy streak and don’t fit exercise into my already busy lifestyle.  For example, instead of a 15 minute walk to the shops to get a pint of milk, I make an excuse that I need to jump in the car as I don’t have time to walk there… it probably takes the same amount of time by foot!

I also know that although I know the principles of healthy eating, know how to cook well and prepare nutritious meals, I often don’t.  I regularly dash from meeting to meeting or place to place, snatching a quick snack enroute.  I eat at crazy times of the day and night.  I also enjoy good food.

Working from home (Living Beyond Diagnosis – now social media enterprises (twitter & facebook) and and the various cancer network meetings) means that I’m often at my computer for endless hours with little movement.  I lead a sedentary lifestyle and get caught up in all that I have to do without making the time for a walk, exercise, swim, gym etc.

I also know in my heart of hearts that my weight gain is affecting my personal confidence.  It needs to change.  I need to change it.

Last week I signed up for personal training.  I need motivating.  I’ve now had 3 sessions and already feel better for them.  I’ve also attended Bootcamp Pilates sessions twice – again, although hard work, I do feel better for them too.

I don’t want to be a size zero but I do want to feel good about me again.  I do want to look at a photograph that’s taken of me and not want to destroy it immediately or wear clothes and feel good in them!  I also don’t want anyone to tell me that I may be causing a recurrence of cancer BECAUSE I’m overweight!

Why a I telling you this?  I needed to put it out there and I need you to keep me in check too!  Don’t let that lazy streak reappear!

3 thoughts on “Personal trainer

    • Okay Anna – so how’s it going now? Going in for my second surgery on Thursday to achieve clear margins on a benign phyllodes but have also decided that I need to really focus on making sure that I put good food in my body, I would love to hear how you are managing to keep on track. Sally

      • Sally,
        Firstly best of luck for the surgery on Thursday. Good sufficient clear margins are about the only thing that is absolutely known as the best possible option to reduce any recurrence of Phyllodes. Take extra good care after this surgery, the second anaesthetic so close to the first may wash you out, so prepare to spend time watching the remaining part of the Olympics from a comfortable sofa! Oh and if you’re like me, have a box of tissues to hand – I was v v tearful too!

        Good food and exercise. I seem to have read so much online, in books and also from attending nutrition workshops at conferences. I also was asked to pull a piece together for The Telegraph recently regarding nutrition (particularly fruit & veg) and cancer.

        The bottom line is there is no right or wrong, yet proven, for Phyllodes nor for a ‘recipe’ for all cancers. HOWEVER there is an enormous benefit in healthy eating, a good colourful plate and balancing your plate. The ‘easiest’ advice that I found was to design your plate – 3/4 of plate veg & fruit, high volume nutrient rich; 1/8 of plate lean protein, fish, meat, grains, beans and/or quinoa; 1/8 of plate being whole grain.

        Also fresh juicing… not only fruit but also veg. If you add spinach to your diet, vitamin c is better absorbed.

        Fortunately I love fresh juices. I also love beetroot, spinach, ginger and cinnamon – all good sources of vitamins and minerals and great to add to juices.

        I’ve reduced carbohydrates and try to avoid them in meals in the same quantity that I would previously have had ie spaghetti bolognaise is usually with shredded cabbage instead of the spaghetti! I add quinoa to soups so that I am getting a protein in the soup but also to avoid the bread that I might have had with it!

        Have a play around with foods that you enjoy. Don’t deny yourself food your love and feel cheated… just have a taster size!

        Life is, after all, for living. 🙂

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