Afternoon tea at Claridges

Don’t you just love little surprises? Particularly when they’re something lovely and it’s a thank you to you for something that you’d have done no matter what.

You’ve probably already worked out that if I believe in someone or something, I’ll tell you about it. I’ll certainly recommend them/it if asked. I am however a bit picky too and my standards are (mostly) pretty high.

So it’ll come as no surprise that when I met Fiona Macrae during my search for services and people to participate in the first Living Beyond Diagnosis event, I had found a something/someone worth recommending. Fiona was diagnosed with breast cancer and despite working in insurance in London, was unable to find travel insurance for a well needed short break between treatment and surgery.

Because of her own experiences and following her own treatment and surgery, she created the business InsuranceWith, providing travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a long term condition or know someone who has, you will understand the importance of holidays, visiting friends and family and time away from the inevitable medical appointments, surgery and treatment. Something that you take for granted is to be able to travel somewhere and relax… so imagine what it feels like when your insurance is revoked, new insurers tell you that your premiums are now in the thousands of pounds or that you simply are uninsurable. Companies like InsuranceWith review each case on it’s own merits. They have medical underwriters who understand risk.

And for the most part, they have been able to offer travel insurance at reasonable rates to friends and acquaintances I’ve referred who have been able to enjoy their holidays, trips of a lifetime or family visits without worry.

Today, Fiona very sweetly took myself and another lady, Kelly, to Claridges to say thank you for supporting her.  Really an unnecessary thank you and in fact it should be in reverse but… I do love afternoon tea… I do love bubbles (just in case you hadn’t noticed)… and I do love the grandeur of deliciously fabulous places such as Claridges.

What a treat…. Thank you Fiona.


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