Cookery Demonstration at Crooked Billet

Did you know that if you crack an egg into a 50/50 split solution of water and white wine vinegar, the raw egg re-forms into a perfect egg shape?  Neither did I, until today.  Why might that be useful?  Well then you can spoon the raw egg out and poach to get the perfect ‘boiled egg’ shape with a runny yolk!

My step-mother loves cooking (as do I!) and today she treated us both to a Cookery Demonstration and Lunch at the Crooked Billet.  Paul Clerehugh and his very able assistant, Gordon were like whirling dervishes demonstrated how to prepare the perfect confit duck salad; make your own goats curd; salt code scotch eggs (with perfectly runny quail egg centre); salt beef; stuffed lamb; pomegranate molasses; lemon sole; flat bread; chocolate banana bread pudding; blackberry tart and a whole heap more.

Crooked Billet Demo October 2012

Watching and taking notes as new tips and tricks were divulged.  Both my step-mother and I were often to be heard with a ‘aaah’ or ‘oh that’s how it’s done’.

After seeing all the delights being prepared we were then able to enjoy tastings of the dishes and full sizes of some dishes for our lunch.  Each dish was washed down with some matching wines – equally well chosen and delicious.

The Crooked Billet is in a lovely secluded country location serving incredible fresh and delicious food.  Well worth a visit (if you can get a table).  Paul runs cookery demonstrations regularly – a wonderful way to spend a day or perhaps a gift for a foodie friend?

Hmmm… Now to put what I’ve learnt into practice.  I have the recipes from the day… who’s popping round to taste for me?

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