Fonda Mexico, Southfields

Don’t you just love it when an empty shop is covered over and the anticipation of what will open up is discussed with your local friends. You stop to read planning notices and then are a little disappointed when it just tells you the building’s use!

Eventually it was revealed that a new mexican restaurant, Fonda Mexico, was opening in Southfields, SW London. Oooh the excitement to get somewhere new to eat. This particular location has changed hands a number of times in the past 10 years. Different food styles and certainly different ownership styles!

So, Michelle, who runs a local nursery, together with a couple of friends contacted the owner and suggested that they could tell some of the local community… in return for a little opening party! The owner thought this would be a wonderful idea and offered to do some some tasty canapes showcasing the ‘Mexican streetfood’ that was to be served in the restaurant. He also offered our first cocktail for free (always a winner!).

When over 80 locals turned up to the small restaurant for the opening I think the owner and his team were somewhat surprised (and pleased). Our party, as they arrived, were shown through to the bar area at the back of the restaurant and the barmen were challenged!  I’m quite sure babysitters in Southfields were cleaning up on Saturday night!

We sampled a few bite-size introductions to their menu – exceptionally flavoursome. However it would have been great to have a few more amongst the huge group of locals. The cocktails, although free, were predominantly foam and packed with ice.

So is it somewhere I’d return to or recommend?  The jury is out.

I’d like to go back to try more of the menu and to also look at the pricepoint of the dishes. The barmen would benefit from some cocktail training. The ‘bar’ at the back of the restaurant could do with the removal of the table football and replacing with either a big dining table or perhaps high bar tables.  There’s little room to stand and for the waiters to go through with food for the restaurant… or to put your glasses down!

The rumours are that they only have a short lease and are ‘trying’ out Southfields as a venue for a permanent branch… but perhaps the investment should be made in training staff to give it a fair crack at the whip.  It was clearly evident from the amount of people who turned up, arranged babysitters and the excited chatter that a new restaurant should do well in Southfields and is very much longed for in the area.

If you go, let me know what you think.

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