Farewell Tish

My darling friend Tish passed away and the light in my world became so much dimmer.

Today is Tish’s funeral. A day I’ve been dreading for so very long. A day that should be WITH Tish not FOR Tish.


How did Tish plan this all anyway? We had been talking about going together to the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre for a retreat but at the last minute decided that we should do so separately. Tish went a few months ago and loved it. Loved it so much she insisted that I should go. She told me when I should go. I’d booked myself in.. but at her bidding. Relevant how? Relevant because I’m due there at 4pm this afternoon… the day of her funeral. She knew.

So this morning I packed a bag for my stay at Penny Brohn but dressed for Tish’s funeral. In addition to my outfit, I knew I needed some colour…. I also knew that I should be wearing butterflies somewhere… Tish loved butterflies… so sparkly butterflies in my hair it was to be.  An early start and a long drive across London to Essex.

The church was packed. I always knew Tish was loved by many but WOW it turns out she was loved by ALL! The congregation although sad, obviously, were wearing lots of butterflies. Clothing, handbags, scarves, ties, brooches, hair clips… A beautiful service, clearly chosen by Tish but also delivered with love.

After the service we headed off to the crematorium.  There were a few people who said a few words and shared some stories together with some singing from Lucinda Drayton.  A short and very emotional service.

This was followed by a wake at a local golf club.  For me, this was to be a short visit as I needed to make tracks to Penny Brohn Cancer Centre.  The room was full of purples and colour and along one wall were huge boards with photographs and memories on them.  Golly Tish would have been proud of the display.  Photos and clippings from her whole life and demonstrated a full life filled with love in spite of being so horribly short.

Despite only knowing each other for such a short time, she became a very close friend and confidante.  I shall miss Tish terribly.

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