Singing workshop – Rock Choir with Bob Chilcott

An incredible opportunity for us to learn from the Choral Master, Bob Chilcott.  Some Rock Choir members have worked hard to put together a workshop today with Bob Chilcott “A contemporary hero of British choral music.”

There were about 100 people eager to learn.  About half of these were from Rock Choir and the rest from different choral societies.  Oh yes I heard a sniffy comment from someone about how it would be way too difficult for Rock Choir members to do something so complicated.  Oh how we proved them wrong by the end of the day.

It was an intense day and really inspirational to work with such a master and at such a high level.

We rehearsed and sang the following:

The Lily & and the Rose.  I’ve found a YouTube recording of Bob Chilcott with another choir:

Requiem – VI. Thou Knowest, Lord.  Again I’ve found a YouTube recording of Bob Chilcott with another choir:

We also learnt another song “Queen of the May”.

At the close of the workshop, Bob asked the Rock Choir to sing to him so he could understand more about the Rock Choir.  We sang True Colours to him.

Following the workshop we received an email with a message from Bob Chilcott – Wow!

“Thank you so much for your kind email. And thanks too for organising such a great workshop on Saturday. It was just one of the great ones for me, full of good energy and most importantly, nice people! I went away quite inspired – it’s days like that that truly give me the motivation to do what I do, and quite frankly that is also the reason for doing it! So thank so very much for all your hard work and your positivity and great spirit. It was also such a pleasure to meet Jim – clearly a very inspiring musician of tremendous integrity. I shall never forget your choir singing True Colours. For everyone there that was a moving and unforgettable memory of the day.  Bob. “

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