Dodgy knee

OK I’ve finally given in.  My knee has been blinking killing me since I had that fall in Melbourne.  I can’t kneel down or put any pressure on my knee.  You’d be surprised how many times you do need to kneel or balance on your knee and I’m only aware of it when there’s a shooting pain travelling at supersonic speed from my knee to my head – Ouch!  The other problem with my knee is walking up and down stairs.  Not too much of a problem at home as I live on the ground floor but again until every step is accompanied by  shooting pains I’ve been surprised at how many steps I actually take.  I’m learning to avoid certain tube stations where there is renovation works meaning diversions via lengthy spiral staircases!

Anyway this morning I attempted to do a Bootcamp Pilates class.  These are using a bench known as a Reformer.  Much of the class was fine until we reached some exercises that required kneeling.  Excrutiating pain through my knee and my obvious discomfort led the instructor to my bench.  After a brief discussion, he suggested it may be time to have it x-ray’d.

So that’s how I found myself waiting in line at the local hospital to see the Dr!  Some hours later and feeling a little like a fraud amongst people who were properly sick, I saw the Dr.  I apologised first for wasting his time with something so trivial.  He told me off for not visiting sooner since the fall and suggested I may have damaged it further with such a delay.  Once we’d had a chat and he’d had a poke around my knee however he suggested, with some concern on his face, I go for an x-ray.

A short while later I’m shown back into a cubical to await the results.  The Dr returns to announce that I had indeed wasted his time.  There was no visible damage and to go home!   Charming… I still can’t walk up or down stairs or kneel without extreme agony.  Thanks matey-peeps!

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