My Proms 2013

I’m truly dreadful. I live a bus ride and short walk away from the Albert Hall. I have no reason not to, every year, attend more of the Proms season. Yet, in reality it creeps up and escapes before I’ve had time to devour the programme.

This year in February, at a party in Winchester, a friend promised that he’d let me know when he and his wife reviewed he programme and considered which concert(s) to attend. In May and true to his word, I received an email inviting me to join a party of Promenaders.

IMG_3989We started at the Cadogan Hall with a concert of Chamber Music and Saturday Matinees.

Britten – Simple Symphony (17 mins)
Tippett – Little Music for Strings (11 mins)
Britten – Elegy for strings (8 mins)
 World Premiere
Britten – Lachrymae (15 mins)
Walton – Sonata for Strings (27 mins)

The pieces were played by the extraordinary musicians of Camerata Nordica. Incredible, energetic performance from them all but with particular admiration to the violin/director Terje Tønnesen. We also all commented how the energy was perhaps enhanced as the musicians remained on their feet for the whole performance. Wonderful.

I also think a special mention should be made for Cadogan Hall. I must have walked around with my eyes closed for 20+ years as I’d never noticed this stunning building nestling behind Sloane Square. Truly impressive and worth a visit .

We then chatted and walked to Beauchamp Place where a reservation for an early supper had been made at Maroush. We chose to all have the set menu of hot mezze dishes together with Lebanese wines. Hummus, aubergine dip, spicy sausages, tabbouleh, vine leaves and lamb parcels, were eaten first. All very fresh and delicious. Then followed some grilled meats and the most succulent lamb and rice. Seriously the lamb was just falling off the bone.. sooo good! Followed by a plate of fresh exotic fruits and a few pieces of sticky baklava. Just the perfect meal to keep us going for our evening ahead.

A brisk 15 minute walk to the Albert Hall to carry on with our day of Promenading.

IMG_3984The evening’s programme, Prom 65, was a programme very much of two parts. The first being made up of pieces from War films. Through a number of the pieces I remembered rainy afternoons as a child watching these films with my Dad.

Addinsell – Warsaw Concerto (from ‘Dangerous Moonlight’) (10 mins)
Alwyn – The True Glory – March (3 mins)
Bennett – Lady Caroline Lamb – suite (17 mins)
Lucas – Ice Cold in Alex – March (3 mins)
Walton – Battle of Britain – excerpts (11 mins)

The second part of the programme was ‘The Sound of Outer Space” with music from space and science-fiction titles, including ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, ‘Alien’, ‘Independence Day’, ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Superman’

The whole day was truly fabulous. So very grateful for friends that do the organising for me!

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