Tera Younger Memorial

During my time in Cancerland I’ve been blessed to meet and get to know a number of wonderful people.  One such person was a lady by the name of Tera Younger.  I had the honour to work with her on a couple of projects and also to be part of the same committees and boards.  Tera always amazed me at the amount of positions she held, the knowledge that she had obtained and also the tenacity to see a project through.  She was an incredibly positive person with a warm heart and a kind smile.

There was no doubt that some people referred to her as ‘Terror’ and wished she’d give up on projects affecting them.  But Tera didn’t.  If she believed in something she would research it, back it with facts and figures and do her very best to improve, alter or advance.

For me, Tera was also an incredibly positive person.  On more than one occasion she mentored me regarding projects.  She put me forward for more senior voluntary roles.  She asked my opinion and review.  More than that, she believed in me.  In my ability and my voice of experience from my own cancer ‘journey’ and also representing others.

Today a group of us gathered in the Chapel at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital and celebrated the life of Tera.

photo-11It was clear from the stories being told, as part of the service as well as before and after it, that Tera will be truly missed.  Missed as a person for sure and also for the dedication made to her work.

Rest in peace Tera.  But also rest assured that your legacy will live on to improve, advance, alter AND importantly make all healthcare more patient-centric.

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