Dr and Hospital re headaches

It’s no word of a lie that I’ve not been coping well with these headaches.  I hadn’t realised how debilitating headaches could be until the past couple of years.  At different times it’s all I can do is to close my eyes and lie-down.  I’ve only had a couple of visual migranes in the past few months but find myself popping pills almost daily so that my headaches are quietened and I can get on with things.

I’m fed up though with being woken at 6am by my headache.  A couple of neurofen and water and back to bed until the drugs start working.  Usually a migraleve at lunchtime which wears off by late afternoon.  Then something in the evening or at bedtime so I can go to sleep without my head banging.

I’m also conscious that taking this many pills isn’t great for me either… so I’m having days when I can rest up with my eyes closed!

So this morning I headed off to my GP.  Just because the neurologist couldn’t find anything, doesn’t mean it isn’t stopping me from moving on.  He said quite firmly that it must be menopausal but I’m not sure it is.. I don’t feel old enough for that, right?  And if it is, does that mean that I’ve got to put up with headaches for years?  I can’t do that.

My GP referred me today to the hospital for a blood test.  Apparently one blood test can tell where I am within the menopausal spectrum.  Why couldn’t this have been done before the neurologist?

Anyway, quick sharp up to the Queen Mary’s for a blood test.  Results in by the end of the week.

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