Haven – Fulham

This afternoon I was invited to an event at the Haven in Fulham.


During my journey I never contacted the Haven as I believed it was solely for people affected by breast cancer.  I understand it was once, but not anymore, not totally.  Great news for people affected by cancer to have another resource nearby to help them through and beyond a diagnosis.

The Haven is located just behind Harwood Road in Fulham, a few minutes walk from Fulham Broadway tube.  Housed in converted church which from the first moment of entry, feels comfortable and calm.  3423994_c6b1af15The interior of the ground floor hosts a reception area, a seated area and then on a slightly higher platform another seated area with plenty of sofas, a small kitchen on one side for people to get a warm cup of tea and the other side plenty of information leaflets, computers and books.  I understand that there are four floors in total in which there are a great number of consultation rooms, treatment rooms, a large group room and another for exercises.

The kitchen serves great delicious and healthy food at lunches on Monday to Wednesdays.  There are nutritionists available to offer advice and whom also run courses and phone consultations to those who want advice.

I was pleased to hear this evening that they are now open late on a Wednesday evening for people to drop into the Centre.  Whilst I understand that it’s hard to staff cancer Centres in the evening and weekends, I feel it’s imperative that more centres are available to those who are working or perhaps have children that means they’re unable to get away during the working day.

I was also pleased to hear the services are now being offered to people diagnosed with other cancers, other than breast cancer.

If you would like support or information, do have a look at the services offered at the Haven.

They also have centres in Hereford and Leeds with another one opening in Wessex.

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