Sunday at Henley Royal Regatta

Another beautiful day at Henley Royal Regatta.. but first a reminder about the dress code.  When I picked up my friends, Verity and Caroline, they both asked if their dresses were long enough to meet Henley Regatta’s strict dress code.  Both had dresses that finished on the knee and indeed were very similar to dresses I’d seen in the Stewards’ Enclosure on Thursday, so I thought they’d be OK.


It appears however that the rule is more heavily enforced at a weekend… a quick diversion to Henley town to acquire a new dress!  We certainly weren’t the only ones and the dress shops were doing a roaring trade.

When we finally got into the Enclosure we decided to go for a little exploration of the Stewards’ Enclosure, Regatta Enclosure and part way down the towpath.  It was noticeably quieter than on the Thursday despite it being the last day of racing and therefore the finals.  Always good to see the other parts of Henley Regatta and we were a little envious that there was no dress code!

On returning to the Stewards’ Enclosure we met up with my friends Liz and Andrew who had with them their friends, Phil and Jane.  A wonderful party of fabulous people for an afternoon of gossip, laughter, drinking and watching the end of the racing.

Henley Sunday1Also wonderful to see the Royal Barge, Gloriana, at Henley again this year.  Such an impressive craft.

Henley Sunday

And a beautiful picture of Henley at the end of this year’s Regatta.



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