3 day Raw Detox with Nosh

I’ve just completed a 3 day Raw Detox programme with a company called Nosh.  Great name for a company!

Another pre-prepared juicing programme which includes 18 smoothies, six ‘colon cleanse‘ sachets, three ‘superfood booster‘ sachets and a phone call with a nutritionist.

Once again, I used a site called LivingSocial to get a discount.  Reduced to £69 from their usual £159.  (The offer is still available as I write this)

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 23.46.17This programme appealed because of the variety of ingredients in the smoothies together with the addition of spirulina, chia and acai.

However soon after I placed my order I realised why Nosh is reviewed with such complimentary comments (I googled it before placing my order).  It’s not JUST a juice/smoothie programme but truly offers a service.

On placing my order I received an automated acknowledgment.  This was closely followed by another email that urged me to book my time slot for a phone consultation with a nutritionist at the end of my 3 days.

Then a couple of days before my delivery was due I received the below email.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 15.05.58 What a wonderful way to prepare people for their detox.  Working with them to consider what lays ahead and coach them, utilising some simple email text, into the right frame of mind.

I then received this email the day before delivery.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 15.05.11

My smoothies were delivered early Sunday evening.  Again I’ve got to applaud their delivery slot as let’s face it a Sunday evening delivery is a great time for people to be in and also to prepare for the week ahead.

Nosh DetoxAs I unpacked the bottles I noticed something wonderful on the labels.  The ingredients of each bottle also contained ‘Love’ ‘Joy’ ‘Bliss’ and ‘Happiness’.  What a fun touch.

Nosh Detox1Also in the box was one sheet of paper with all the instructions I needed for the three days.

NoshInstructionsHonestly, how easy is that to follow?   I have to confess that I like a schedule to follow.  I like it to have times to follow too.  Otherwise I find that I’m spending too long hovering around the fridge or in the kitchen and that may lead to temptation.  Also reminding me to drink water and hot drinks.  It probably sounds daft to need to be reminded but it helps.

On each day I received an email encouraging me.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 15.06.58Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 15.07.08Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 15.07.25On my third day, I’d booked in for a chat with the nutritionist.  A very useful end to the programme which allowed me to ask questions about the programme, mention what I’d like to take forward and receive advice about why certain vegetables and fruits are good for juicing and also if there are any additions or supplements that might be good for me.

A final email the day after I completed the 3 days with suggestions of how to maintain the benefits from the detox and continue with this healthier approach.

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 00.08.50

Finally the usual questions:

Was I hungry during the cleanse?  Very rarely.  The smoothies were well balanced in their thickies and thinnies which meant that I wasn’t physically hungry.  Also being reminded to drink lots of water helped when my head (not my stomach) was saying it was time to eat.  So much easier to ignore or quieter when I’ve been drinking water or hot water with lemon juice.

Did I get congested?  A little on the first day or so.  However day 3 was definitely an elimination day… but not so bad that you worried about leaving the bathroom!

Would I do it again?  Yes but I’d definitely prefer with a discount or offer.  With the LivingSocial offer each smoothies was £3.83.  At full price the smoothies would be £8.83.  However you also get included the superfood booster supplements and cleanse sachets  and a telephone consultation with the nutritionist.

Do the smoothies last in the fridge?  Yes.

Would I recommend it?  Yes and even, if you can afford it, at the higher price.  It’s not cheap but it’s certainly a full service that you’re getting.

Overall, I’ve loved the Nosh Raw Detox 3-day smoothies.  I certainly feel lighter and it’s also evidently worked according to my scales too.  I enjoyed each of the smoothies, all tasted delicious.  The properties in the cleanse sachets and superfood booster supplements clearly work too.  Most of all the ‘package’ is a wonderful short burst to feeling energised, lighter, cleaner and healthier.

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