Rachmaninoff: Inside Out at The Royal Festival Hall

Beautiful concert this evening.  The London Philharmonic Orchestra were, as ever, enthralling, engaging and amazing.  There is something so incredible that transports you to another world whilst the Orchestra plays.  We were treated to Mozart Symphony No. 36 (Linz) which is always criticized as being written in haste but I certainly didn’t get that impression when I listened to it tonight.

Followed by the young player, Dmitry Mayboroda, performing Rachmaninoff’s First Piano Concerto.  My Oh My can that boy move up and down the ivories at speed!  Incredible performance.  We were treated to a couple of additional pieces as he was called back more than once, for encores!

The concert finished with an old favourite, Dvořák Symphony No. 8.  I remember listening to this many times as Mum had a recording of it.  Envoked some wonderful memories.

The Royal Festival Hall is also becoming one of my favourite classical venues.  From the outside a fairly non-descript concrete lump.  Inside it’s a jewel of Scandinavian design, wood and simplicity.  The seats comfortable and from every seat a view of the stage.  Certainly somewhere I would happily (and do) buy the cheap seats and still feel like I’m ‘in’ the best seats.

All in all, another truly great concert.

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