La Traviata at the Royal Albert Hall

I’ve always loved this opera.  I love the emotion, the drama and, of course, the music and voice.  When Issy and I ‘talked opera’ we discovered we both loved La Traviata and both wanted to see it in Milan.  Toward the end of 2014 we spotted La Traviata was playing at La Scala between Christmas and New Year.  Sadly Issy wasn’t well enough at that time for us to risk arranging tickets and flights and we said we’d go see it together one day.

A couple of pieces from Act 2 of La Traviata were played at Issy’s funeral.

There was no way I was going to miss tonight’s performance at the Royal Opera House.  Only one seat required.


It was utterly magical and majestic.  Incredible in so many ways.  The staging was brilliant.  Classic but brilliant.  The lighting extraordinary.  The orchestra magnificent and the opera singers so truly talented.  Fabulous, engaging, beautifully performed and truly emotive.  There might have been a little leakage from my eyes!  Issy would have loved it too.

la_traviata__c__catherine_ashmore_499x350A huge thank you to the ROH staff who managed to get me from ticket collection and into my seat in minutes… with seconds to spare before the concert started.  Thank you.

Ooh and look, what a beautiful building.


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