PROM 17: Halle – Debussy, Vaughan Williams & Elgar


I chose this concert as my Proms No 2 of this season, as I was excited to hear both the Debussy piece and hear Elgar performed in the Albert Hall.

I wasn’t disappointed by the performance one bit.  Well maybe a little but that’s my personal taste as I don’t particularly enjoy Vaughan Williams’ work…

During Debussy, it was evident that the entire audience was hanging on every note.  The flute was played beautifully (I should so pick up my flute and play again).  A true aural treat.  Taken away by the music to places peaceful, graceful and delightfully soft and gentle.

OK so I don’t enjoy Vaughan WIlliams’ work… but hell I can appreciate an incredible performance.  They utilised the entire Albert Hall.  We had the Youth and Boys Choirs together the tenor solo performing from the gallery.  The sound encapsulated the audience with the orchestra and main choir from the stage.  Incredible performance from all.

And finally, but certainly not least, was Elgar’s Symphony No 2.  A piece that carried you along with every note.  Elgar’s wife apparently described this work as ‘vast in design and supremely beautiful’ – I think it sums it up very well.

You can see the entire concert on the BBC for 30 days here

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