Rewind 80s Festival 2015


I once again ventured in the land of the 80s at Henley’s Rewind Festival.  This year however I’d chosen only a day pass for the Saturday.  Mostly, I have to confess, so that I could hear Black Box and be transported momentarily to the hours spent on the motorway heading north for a weekend of clubbing in Manchester.  I have an abiding memory of being stuck somewhere near Birmingham, our car full of four exciting revellers, with ‘Ride on Time’ blasting from the car stereo!  Ooh to be young and carefree again!

Honestly though Rewind Festival is quite obviously the place where everyone forgets their troubles and becomes carefree… it’s clear from the various outrageous, fabulous and fun costumes; the ability for anyone to chat, dance or sing-a-long with any other festival goer; and that everyone (of all ages) knows every lyric and joins in!

Fortunately on Saturday we were also blessed with awesome weather.  Lovely hot sunshine and only a spit of refreshing rain to cool the sunburn in the early evening.  Perfect.

I think Heart FM have some of the best pictures of a selection of the costumes… and believe me there were sooo many more to see too.  Click here.

And a whole heap of photos here.

Some photos of the artists too.

Great fun.  Great friends, old and new.  Beautiful weather and setting.  Reminiscing and reliving my 80s… not a bad thing and truly it doesn’t seem that long ago!  Wonderful day.

As I set off from Henley on my drive home, I turned the volume up on Radio 2 and couldn’t help giggling to myself when the show was ‘Sounds of the 80s’!

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