Wimbledon to the Paralympics

OK so I’m definitely out for a wildcard win at Wimbledon this year… but my Dr said I should consider the paralympics!

After much confusion at the hospital (they had my NHS number with the name ‘Holly’ who’s born in the 80s and an x-ray with Holly’s name on it… but my address and my medical history)… eventually they found my full records and I was seen by the Dr. Lovely chap looked at my x-ray, asked a few questions and looked concerned… not what I needed. He’s put me in a boot foot and on crutches. Not allowed to put any weight on it. Fractured my talus! A few other things on the x-ray of concern which I can’t be arsed to go into but he wants an urgent MRI done. Booked that in, earliest end of July. Got home to a call from the MRI Dept with an appointment on Saturday morning. Guess he really did want it urgently.

So there you go… an update on my stupid ankle.

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