Doctor appointment

I am so lucky to have the best doctor in the world.  He knows that if I ask about something there is a genuine reason why I’m asking, he also knows my history over the past 20+ years.  So when I said that I’d found a lump but dismissed it with a comment about it probably being due to stress, he told me that it would still need looking at.  He checked my breast and although I saw a flicker of panic on his face, remained calm when he said that he’d refer me but not to worry.  He went on to give me a prescription for a few sleeping pills because knowing me, he said he knew I would worry!
Should I have called the Doctor earlier – YES!  Lesson learnt – please seek professional advise as soon as possible if you find a lump.  The sooner you get it checked the sooner you can get it gone!  AND if you don’t check your boobs, please do so regularly.  Ask your nurse or doctor if you’re not sure how to but please check.  (nag over!)  If you don’t feel you can ask for help use this guide but please please check

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