Release day

Eventually everyone else woke up and the ward started buzzing. I was desperate to leave though and go home (well to Millies) to get under my duvet. I soon got a text from Millie to say that she was on her way in and had spoken to the ward sister. I was going to be released into her care and couldn’t wait. My night and this morning was still being peppered with my heart rate and blood pressure being taken regularly. I was getting quite used to just offering my arm on approach of a nurse!

My consultant had to do his rounds first before I get released and he calls round at about 9.30am. Once again he takes a peak at under my gown at my right boob – I once again look away! My consultant thinks its hilarious that I can’t even look down and is at lengths to assure me that it’s OK, I look much the same as before. He put a compression plaster over the wound keeping it all together and he said will help with the pain and construction.

I believe him and believe that nothing is different than expected.

Millie then arrives having stopped off at the ward desk to discover that I will be discharged once I have my appointment card for my stitches to be checked on the following Wednesday so we sit and wait. I’m awkward, uncomfortable and a in a little pain (but drugs are good in hospital!). Quite a while later the ward administrator pops round to say that I will now be seeing the consultant on the friday rather than a nurse on wednesday. Neither of us thought this unusual and left the ward without asking why.

The drive back to Millies was uncomfortable. Every bump in the road, even going over the white lines in a road, hurt, but I couldn’t wait to get into bed.

I’m not sure where the day went as I disappeared off for a sleep for a number of hours, was up briefly to see the children after school and then think I went back to bed for more sleep. I was so releived that it was all over and popping the paracetemol every few hours to keep the stinging pain at bay. I even worked out how I could sleep on my side using a spongey thing that Mum used to keep her neck strengthened with – don’t ask but hey it worked!

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