Shattered this morning but had to wake early to get to the Doctors Surgery for a swine flu injection.  Whooohooo with everything else that is going on, I now qualify in the ‘high-risk’ category for a free jab.  Although the doctor mentioned that she was confused why I was at risk until I mentioned that it was a malignant phyllodes tumour.  She looked closer at the NHS notes and commented that it was added as a benign tumour as there was no NHS code for a malignant phyllodes tumour.  How on earth is this going to help any research or statistics regarding this type of tumour in the UK if there’s no way of searching for it?  My doctor has said that she’s going to try to get the code added to the NHS database.

Although as a treat after the jab I’m off to see my friend H and her family for the day.  It’s been ages since we met up as it’s been difficult with my not being well and able to drive and her having two adorable small children that don’t understand about illness – and whom I just LOVE having cuddles with but can’t at the moment.  It’s heartbreaking that little Alex (aged 2.5) and I can’t have our ickle and huge huggles.

Tired and in pain in the afternoon, those stabbing pains are back.  Long drive home.

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