A revelation

I woke up early this morning with feeling amazingly chipper.  I think I’m either getting used to general anaesthetics or all the positive energy, support, prayers and love you all sent me worked – hey they should prescribe it all on the NHS.    If you could muster them again when I get my results at 2pm on Wednesday please!

Am excited about the new ‘icklier’ me, finally when they say in pilates classes, stand with your feet shoulder distance apart, I can see what they’re talking about!  OK so possible downsides to icklier boob – Jane will win the annual breast size contest when Mick’s in the UK and there will be less available for head resting after too many in the Opera Bar, Sydney but we’ll make it through!  🙂  Oh and I can start back at pilates classes… I haven’t been for months now and really missed it.

I can’t believe how much better I feel this time round.  Millie keeps asking if I really have had an operation at all as I’m up and about.  We even got to take Abi to gym classes and out for a coffee.  Not sure I could cope with driving through and those pesky seatbelts.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they had managed to get it all out and totally clear margins?  4 more sleeps and I will know.

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