Friends, family and support

Today should be dedicated to you.. all of you who have supported me and held my hand or given me a hug (virtually or in person) through my journey so far.  Lest I not forget that you have all played your part in keeping me sane (or as sane I could possibly be) and looking for the positive in everything… THANK YOU!

I have received such wonderful messages, texts, emails, facebook postings, telephone calls, linkedin messages and through this site with notes of support.  Nigel getting up at ridiculous o’clock to take me to the hospital for each operation.  Millie and her family for providing me with a recuperation home, chauffeur for appointments and family to play rummikub with to occupy my mind.  My own family who have supported me and my brothers who have looked after Mum’s affairs when I haven’t been able to help.  I’ve also felt the love, energy and positive vibes coming at me from all angles around the world.  I’ve also been lucky enough to receive flowers, cards and gifts (those of you who have been able to track my physical location down!).  I loved receiving a Percy Pig hamper (those of you who’ve known me from my Pig Pen days appreciate my obsession) and today a gift which made me cry with the thought and love put into it’s giving.  I was told to wait by the door for the postie to arrive.  I did and the postie had bought me a parcel…  Upon opening the box, I found another box.  Upon opening that box, I found yet another box.  And then attached to a digital photo frame a post-it note which said “Plug in… Switch On… Enjoy! xxx love you!! xxx” and then started with the first frame “We Anna” and then lots and lots of photos of me and my beautiful friends doing fun, daft stuff together… Thank you, thank you, thank you Toby, Vix, Kev, Heleen, Nigel, Marney, Ian, Jess, Rob, Hannah, Darren, Maria and, of course, Christin, Oscar and Dexter too.  I’ll be back soon guys and there’ll be heaps more crazy shots to take, I promise.

I am incredibly thankful for you all.

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