I’m not sure which of you said, “it sounds like you’re out of the woods but there’s still a few saplings to go” – I think you’re probably spot on.  I would love to be able to sleep easy knowing that the full histology report is in and that the medical discussions on Tuesday had taken place.  It’s odd to think that I’ve been given the good news about the phyllodes tumour and margins having been obtained but that there’s still discussion about possible surgery, treatment and prognosis particularly due to the additional DCIS discovered.  I am however glad that because of the DCIS yet more medical people will become aware of phyllodes tumours.  I’m also glad that I have been treated in a teaching hospital that is also part of the Royal Marsden which again, I’m hopeful, will mean that there may be future doctors aware of phyllodes tumours and perhaps intrigued enough to research them more.

For me – it seems Tuesday afternoon is a very long way away.  This is when I should hear from my nurse following their group meeting.  She will either advise me on the phone of the conclusions made at that meeting or to call me in (if need be) to discuss further with my consultant.  I’m also awaiting Sutton hospital’s call setting up an initial appointment about radiotherapy, planning how much for how long etc.

I feel as if I should be celebrating but a little cheated at not really knowing if I’m clear of it all or what can be done to minimise any recurrence in the next few years.  There have been a number of ladies I have met through this journey that have had recurrences which has meant further surgery or treatment, some within the first few years and others some 7 or more years later.  As the phyllodes tumour that I had was malignant (they can be benign, partial malignant or malignant) there is, of course, a greater chance of it coming back.  I know, and you often read that cancer survivors (of any cancer) are always aware that it may come back or that nodules have metastased elsewhere in the body – I guess I always will be looking out for signs.

Today I’m going out… and not to the hospital!  Whoohooo, Millie and her sister are taking me for a brief trip shopping and lunch.  Let’s hope that being upright and wandering around the shops won’t be too uncomfortable as the stitches are still healing and the tissue still bruised and repositioning.  Hmmm shopping and lunch – that sounds like a normal thing to do… I love it!

PM – Ok so shopping may have been a bit adventurous yet.  Lasted about 30 minutes before lunch and a sit down  Then about another 30 minutes of wandering and browsing before I apparently looked rather pale and interesting and was chauffeured home for a snooze.   But at least I left the house and no one asked to look at or prod my boob!  

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