Whooopwhooop, I went out!

A very quick update today to say that I had my second night out last night since October…!!! Thank you Toby and Vix for organising a night out for me, at your house. Truly lovely to see some of my beautiful friends and catch up.

Today was another step nearer ending another chapter in my life – sorting out Mum’s house and possessions. I’m exhausted after packing, moving, removing and organising. Thank you Kati and Tom for your fabulous help today.

In a week’s time the house will be gone and we’ll be left only with the memories of Mum in it. It’s been difficult, emotional and bought back memories long buried to laugh and cry at – a hard task picking through and packing up Mum’s 70 years of life, married to my father, my stepfather, children and grandchildren, friends and occasions.

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