Festive wishes

Whilst I wait further for news, I realise that I haven’t actually into gear and sorted out Christmas cards and present shopping yet… so since a lot of my friends are going to be reading this blog, I’ll cheat!  You need an ickle bit of imagination… here goes… are you with me?… Imagine, Imagine, Imagine the postman coming up the driveway, can you hear his feet on the icy pathway?  Can you hear the letterbox being opened and the sound of the card dropping onto the mat?   Rip open the envelope (saving the stamp for charity)… On the front of the card is a cutesy little seasonal picture, bright and cheerful and you open the card to read  “Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  May 2010 be a happy, healthy and wealthy year for you.  Lots of love AnnaGoAnna”  (OK so I feel vaguely bad but I’ve missed the last posting dates and to be honest you’d expect nothing different to previous years, would you?)
Meanwhile back at the blog, I’m just getting on with it all.  I still have the niggling pain which is beginning to make me feel permanently nauseous but perhaps the tissue instead of just wriggling into the cavity is now getting into the festive spirit and doing a little jig.
I also found a very informative blog relating to Phyllodes that I want to share with you as it fairly concisely explains why I’m pursuing clarification regarding sufficient Phyllodes margins and was considering radiation.  Wendy is another survivor who has researched this herself and does not, I believe, have any medical background but it’s fair to say that we, Phyllodes Sisters, need to find answers to our questions for ourselves and are wonderful at sharing our findings amongst our unique band of warriors.  Wendy’s Blog

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